L-alanyl vs. D-alanyl Ramachandran-plots (F. Hollander)

Student 1 (A. van Kampen) avkstud1
Wed May 3 09:51:22 EST 1995

Hello world, 

I am writing a program for the determination of the 3D-structure of
proteins using genetic algorithms. My problem is that when I generate
Ramachandran plots to contraint the torsion angles, the Ramachandran plots
for l-alanyl like residues and d-alanyl like residues look rather different,
the l-alanyl like residues are similar to literature, but I don't have 
literature for d-alanyl like residues, can anybody give a reference to 
that, or tell me what the difference between these two Ramachandran plots
must be? 
ps. The glycyl-like residues and l-alanyl residues succeeding a proline also
look like literature (Book : biophysical Chemistry by Cantor & Schimmel)

Frank Hollander
Katholic University Nijmegen
the Netherlands
(avkstud1 at sci.kun.nl or frankh at sci.kun.nl)

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