Phone Commutations

Michael B michaelb at earthlink.net
Mon May 1 14:28:17 EST 1995

I need to setup a system for my clients to send data to me via phone lines.
I just had ISDN installed and I am running 4-Sight hardware and software.
I also have high speed modems running Telafinder software for the BBS.

I need info regarding, Hardware, Software, Scripting, or Programming to do
the following.

At the sending site.
File(s) for transmission are put into a hot folder. 
A transmission document is automatically opened, and the name of the
file(s) is stripped off the actual files submitted.

The sender is forced to fill in certain fields of the transmission
document. ( The document cannot be closed before the information is
complete).  The transmission document will comprise a unique three letter
mnemonic for the sender, and the date and time stamp (in the form
DDMMhhmm) for the time that the transmission document was completed. 

Once the transmission document is closed, all the files, including the
transmission document, are compressed into a single, self-decompressable
file.  The name of the file will be th same as the transmission document
plus a period followed by a three letter mnemonic for the destination

The transmission is initiated.  This should be possible over phone, ISDN
and Internet transmission.

A copy of the uncompressed transmission is left in a designated folder on
the senders computer. 

At the receiving site.
The compressed file is received and placed into a folder which is date and
time stamped with the senders three letter mnemonic.  The file is
automatically decompressed.

If the receiving site is at my company, the transmission document is
automatically copied into pre-specified E-mail accounts ( including the
clients, if appropriate) plus as printed out on any specified laser
printer or fax output.  This automated distributed of information should
be optional if the client requires it at their site.

If the receiving site is a client site where they have not opted to
automatically disseminate the transmission document, the transmission
document will reside in a pre-specified folder on the clients computer. 
An alert should be fired when a new file arrives in that folder.  The
alert should be in a form as a menu bar warning, or a dialogue box in
which is self-cancelling after thirty seconds ( or can be cancelled by
operator intervention).

Please send any info or questions to:
Michael Beulke
michaelb at earthlink.net
Thank you#

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