Free graphical software for IBM-pCs?

Dean Pentcheff dean at tbone.biol.scarolina.edu
Mon May 1 20:34:57 EST 1995

Venkat Rajagopal <venkat at engr.uky.edu> writes:
> O would like to know if there are any graphical software there out
>on the internet. I am looking for software that would aid in drawing
>figures. Somethink like Xfig would be nice. ANy info will be appreciated

You should take a look at GLE.  It's a free graphing program that runs
from a script of commands (rather than being a point 'n' click type of
program).  It produces professional-quality Postscript output, and also
has drivers for a number of other devices.  It runs on PCs, Unix
systems (via X), and VAXen.

If you're interested, check the info sheet for it at:


And, to answer the obvious question: no, I didn't write it - I just run
a mailing list to help support it.

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