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Tue May 2 02:26:27 EST 1995

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> I've been asked for great reference software for budding biologists, something
> on CD-ROM for Windows.  The particular request was for things useful to  
> someone bound for medicine.  High school level and beyond.

One particular item you will want to  check out: A.D.A.M. An anatomy CD-Rom
with an authoring system available. Use all standard images and
explanations of the CD and add your own. Cheapest version $150, complete (I
seem to remember free of copyrights, ie. you are allowed to use the images
for your own readers) version up to $4000. This were last year prices. runs
on mac and dos

The (zoology?) dept of biology of the University of Amsterdam has developed
a multi-media CD which contains a complete classification system of birds.
More a biology than an anatomy item.


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