How is SigmaPlot & Stat for Windows compared to for DOS?

Valery F. Thompson valeryt at ag.arizona.edu
Tue May 2 10:04:24 EST 1995

In article <3nrf4t$5s0 at nnrp.ucs.ubc.ca> dcwong at unixg.ubc.ca (Donald Chun Kit Wong) writes:
>From: dcwong at unixg.ubc.ca (Donald Chun Kit Wong)
>Subject: How is SigmaPlot & Stat for Windows compared to for DOS?
>Date: 28 Apr 1995 19:19:57 GMT

>We currently have Sigmastat & Sigmaplot for DOS (latest versions). We 
>plan to upgrade our system to a OS/2 oe Windows environment. Does anyone 
>have any experience or comments on the Windows version of SigmaPlot (2.0 
>plus Graph Library Bundle) and SigmaStat? Are these version sbetter than 
>the DOS ones? Any commetns will be apprecitaed. Thanks.
>Donald Wong
>Pathology, UBC

I have been using Sigmaplot for Windows version 2.00 (now 2.01 if you call and 
ask for it) for some time.  It fixes some of the bugs in version 1.0, but 
still seems to have some bugs.  The biggest gripe I have had with the windows 
version is that it cannot completely translate your Sigmaplot for DOS ver 5 
files.  The data and axes for the graphs come through fine, but all of the 
labels are gone.  Basically if you need to use those files again, you should 
either keep the DOS version on your computer or plan to totally recreate the 
graphs in the windows version.  Otherwise, I have been pleased with the 
windows version.  I especially like the ability to easily place the graphs 
into other applications.  I didn't buy the graph library.  I already have 
templates for the graphs that I use most often so I thought it would be a 
waste of money for me.

Sorry I have no experience with SigmaStat.

Val Thompson
Muscle Biology Group
University of Arizona
valeryt at ag.arizona.edu

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