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=|I have a few more questions:
=|I'm using version 7.0.2 of papyrus -
=|	I would like to be able to use it to automatically scan a document, 
=|and create the reference list at the end. Does anyone use papyrus this way??
=|This version doesn't recognise Word for Windows version 2 docs, let alone
=|version 6. Does anyone know whether there are updated versions (or even
=|a windows versions available?

I don't regularly use Papyrus to create a reference list, but it comes with
a TSR that links to the databse. You run the TSR while you run your wordprocessor.
When you come to a spot that needs a reference, you hit a hot key that launches the
TSR. From here, you can do some basic name/date searches and make a reference list which
Papyrus will input into your document when you exit the TSR. After you're done with
the document, Papyrus can scan the codes it's inserted and create a Bibliography
for you custom formatted for whatever journal you desire. As far as I know however,
not much updatting has been done to the supported WP list as of 7.0.2. I know that
a Windows version is in the works, but I believe that we'll have to wait until after
the Mac version is completed. if you're really hot for extra WP support, contact
Dave Goldman and see what you can work out, he's usually open to special requests.
(this might be why there's no Windows version yet!)

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