sequence homology

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Mon Jul 31 10:37:27 EST 1995

In article <3vhqg2$5fl at nntp3.u.washington.edu> stardog at u.washington.edu (Kevin Lease) writes:
>From: stardog at u.washington.edu (Kevin Lease)
>Subject: sequence homology
>Date: 31 Jul 1995 05:42:26 GMT

>     Can someone point me in the direction of a good program for finding 
>the most conserved regions of a protein by lining up all the a.a. 
>sequences for a given protein from different species?

>       Kevin Lease

I'll send you a copy of my protein (or DNA) sequence alignment program DAPSA 
plus its .DOC file. It'll come as a self extracting file with test data 
sequences - it will do what you want (*good* is subjective however). You 
can import the sequences of interest and alignthem automatically or 
manually (or both).
Good luck,
	Eric H Harley

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