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Robert H. Gross Bob.Gross at dartmouth.edu
Fri Jul 28 11:38:49 EST 1995

Dear group -

I owe an apology to the group for not mentioning my association with
Textco in my recommendation to try GCK. I am a co-owner of Textco which
markets GCK. This should have been in the note I posted. I was entirely
in error by not posting this connection in the note - I just spaced

My intent was not to deceive, however. I was just trying to provide an
answer to a direct question asked of this group. I have answered
queries in the past about other software packages and did not think
about how it might be viewed to offer a pointer to GCK. Dave has
informed me (and I agree) that this is probably not appropriate and I
will refrain from doing this in the future

Bob Gross
Dept. of Biology, Dartmouth College
bob.gross at dartmouth.edu

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