Announce: WinPlas 2.0 Plasmid Drawing Software Demo Available

Richard A Goldstein goldstei at phantom.com
Thu Jul 27 06:03:42 EST 1995


         WinPlas 2.0 Plasmid Drawing Software Demo
                Available on World Wide Web

WinPlas 2.0 is a Plasmid Drawing and Utility
program for Windows, with the following features:

	Generates maps even if you don't know the sequence!
	Import GenBank files, including features therein.
	Import raw (ASCII) sequence files
	Generate circular and Linear maps
	Automatic restriction site recognition
	Easy labelling of Restriction sites and features
	"Arc-Labelling" of regions of interest
	OLE 2.0 Server allows incorporation of maps into
	    other documents. Generate color slides with your
	    presentation software.
	Color labelling
	Add floating text to drawings
	Quickly identify useful restriction enzymes
	Understands ambiguous base codes
	Generates reports:
	    Sequence with sites labeled
	    Restriction digest

More information, and the demo program can be obtained

The latest version of the demo is available at the Web Page.
For those without Web Access, the demo may be downloaded via
anonymous FTP from IUBIO at ftp.bio.indiana.edu in the
pub/molbio/ibmpc directory.  The version at the Web Site may
be more recent.

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email: goldstei at phantom.com
WWW: http://www.phantom.com/~goldstei/winplas.html

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