Bio Software for 100-level course (Unix-based)

Keith Robison robison at lipid.harvard.edu
Thu Jul 27 06:44:06 EST 1995

Something else you might check out is some of the exciting software
being developed on the WWW.  While Internet connections may not
be available in a normal 100-lab setting, one could either push
to get them or arrange to meet in a campus computer-lab with

I'm particularly thinking of The Virtual Flylab 

as an example of this.  In a 100-level course, there
isn't time to do real genetic crosses.  But with a simulated
cross, each student/team could go through a number of crosses
during a lab session.

One particularly nice aspect of the WWW is that the student can
"take it home" without any legal repercussions.  If a student
doesn't finish in lab, or just finds the program fun or interesting,
they can use the same software from any Internet-capable 
system.  The exercise might even be made into a combination
lab+homework, with the students running a couple of simulations
with the teaching assistant around and then doing the rest on
their own.

Keith Robison
Harvard University
Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology
Department of Genetics / HHMI

robison at mito.harvard.edu 

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