Dendrograms with accurately drawn branch lengths

Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu
Tue Jul 25 19:19:46 EST 1995

In article <gosink-2507951310490001 at microb3.biostat.washington.edu>,
John Gosink <gosink at u.washington.edu> wrote:
>     If I may add my $0.02... This sort of brings up another thing I
>noticed, that is when I use DRAWTREE on a treefile which includes negative
>length branches, then all of the branch lengths become the same (that is,
>it ignores the length information associated with ALL of the branches). 

In fact, it's a bug in DRAWTREE.  We hope to fix it in a set of executables
to be posted later this week.  Things go fairly wrong if there are any
negative branch lengths.

>   I get around this problem by just hand editing the file to convert all
>the negative length branches to zero length.

Until we get the new executables out you have to do that, setting them
either to 0.00 or to the positive version of the same length, whichever
you prefer.

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