NCBI connection fails again

Dennis Benson dab at ray.nlm.nih.gov
Mon Jul 24 17:36:58 EST 1995

Christopher Spry (cspry at sghms.ac.uk) wrote:

> Once again NCBI (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, is invisible to me (22 & 23 July 1995). Ping
> returns no packets. It has no DNS entry here so this is more than just a minor loss of
> connectivity. Last time this was said to be due to a failure for several days in part of the
> US provision of links to the UK, Holland and some US sites. I should be grateful if NCBI would
> look into why this has happened again. It would also be of help to me if I could be told what
> is going on. I have sent email to UKERNA and HGMP about this, hoping that they will also look
> into this from the UK end. I was unable to find an emergency phone number at either site. Is
> there one I should use if this happens again? Shouldn't electronic links be maintainied as
> effectively as phone links, with alternative routes planned in advance for when failures
> occurr?
>  -- 
> Christopher Spry.
> cspry at sghms.ac.uk <Prof. Christopher Spry> St. George's Hospital Medical School

'ncbi' ( was down due to a failed power supply.  During this
time, users should have been able, however, to use the WWW Entrez system
(which runs on a different machine):


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dennis Benson

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