STELLA software for simulations: Experiences?

Scott Knowles Scott at Poultry.poulsci.ncsu.edu
Mon Jul 24 22:10:42 EST 1995

  Has anyone used STELLA to do math. simulations of ecological processes? 

  A professor friend of mine is considering this software as a way to 
simulate grasshopper mating behaviours.  Before making the considerable 
time & money commitment to Stella, she'd like to chat with anyone who has 
used Stella in their research.  Bug-specific experience isn't necessary.

  If you have even a passing familiarity with this software, could you 
please contact me?  I'll pass along any comments.

  Many thanks,
  Scott_Knowles at ncsu.edu

P.S.  Does a demo or academic (read: inexpensive) version of Stella exist?

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