Protein alignments for publication: Reverse Text How???

Michael D. Baron michael.baron at bbsrc.ac.uk
Tue Jul 25 04:24:58 EST 1995

In article <duvickj-2407951700120001 at duvickj.phibred.com>, 
duvickj at phibred.com (Jon Duvick) says:
>How can I make those nice black on  white/ white on black sequence 
>for publication? It can be done in Word 6 but it's tedious. There must 
>some software that does this!
>Jon Duvick
>Duvickj at phibred.com

There are a number of programs that will do this, Jon; I would mention 
particularly PrettyBox (part of the 'unsupported extras' in the GCG 
package on our system, possibly available from the EMBL archives), well 
integrated into the GCG environment; ALSCRIPT (from Geoff Barton at 
Oxford University, see recent posting in bionet.software announcing new 
version), *very* flexible, able to add extra lettering/outlines, change 
font, etc., therefore a little harder to use; BOXSHADE (v 3.0), from the 
EMBL archive, have to compile it yourself unless you can use a VMS 
executable); SeqVu (a Mac program, shareware, find it on Info-Mac 
archive); there is also an Excel macro that does the job, probably 
available from the Indiana bio archive (don't have Excel, so I never 
tried it).
The problem most of these programs have is that they produce their best 
output by writing PostScript directly; the resulting output is therefore 
difficult to edit (though there are ways around that, usually involving 
access to GhostScript and Illustrator or CorelDraw).

Hope this is some help.
Michael D. Baron Ph.D.
michael.baron at bbsrc.ac.uk

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