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Tue Jul 25 21:22:36 EST 1995

kaitlin at magi.com (Kathleen Armstrong) wrote:

>I have been trying to locate a program called MIST (Metabolic 
>Interactive Simulation Tool). The address I have for ftp is 
>wwwcel.kat.lth.se, but I cannot make a connection. Part of the 
>problem is the difficulty being sure whether the "l"s in the 
>address are ells or ones. Can anyone help me out?

>John Armstrong jbarm at acadvm1.uottawa.ca (my "l" is a one)
>or c/o kaitlin at magi.com

The correct address is


The first "l" is thus a one and the second "l" is an ell.

Magnus Ehlde 
magnus.ehlde at kat.lth.se

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