blast/mfold/treetool linux binaries?

Dr. Ernst Molitor UMT602 at ibm.rhrz.uni-bonn.de
Sun Jul 23 21:28:21 EST 1995

In article <3usoo7$euk at worak.kaist.ac.kr>
yshan at I_should_put_my_domain_in_etc_NNTP_INEWS_DOMAIN (Yoonsoo Hahn) writes:
>Does anybody successfully compile blast/mfold/treetool on linux machine?
>I was able to compile treetool but it cannot read treefile :(
>Always Float poiny exception error occurred.
sorry, I haven't tried to use blast, and I didn't succeed in
compiling mfold, but treetool V. 2.0 is up and running on my box.
To arrive there, I have made very few minor patches; I'll send them
to you via e-mail. If there is interest in a binary, I could send it
to an ftp server (please let me know by e-mail...).
Admittedly, I'm not that happy with my patches: I have just followed
GCC's warnings (by no means all that I have seen), and changed a few
things, but I haven't read enough of the sources to really know what's
going on, so I feel somewhat uneasy about my changes... anyway, I have
been able to use Treetool (many thanks to its author, Mike Maciukenas,
and to Mike McCaughey, the co-author and maintainer of Treetool!).

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