Dendrograms with accurately drawn branch lengths

Joe Felsenstein joe at evolution.genetics.washington.edu
Sat Jul 22 00:41:33 EST 1995

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Lemuel S. del Rosario <ldelrosario at laba.tdh.state.tx.us> wrote:
>  Our lab has recently acquired an imaging system from 
>  Scanalytics for molecular epidemiological studies using gel 
>  electrophoresis applications such as PFGE. 
>  The imaging system software includes a cluster analysis 
>  program called PHYLIP from Joe Felsenstein at the University of Washington.
>  It includes a UPGMA cluster analysis program that produces 
>  dendrograms. However, the branches in dendrograms 
>  do not represent the length distances, and instead you must look up
>  the distances on the charts provided. In addition, the program is a 
>  DOS program and is not very easy to use. 
>  I wanted to find out if  there are any Windows based cluster analysis 
>  software programs that can import data to produce dendrograms 
>  based on UPGMA or any other algorithm that represent the
>  accurate topology of branch lengths. 

My package PHYLIP can be obtained in many forms, including Windows
executables, from our Web site:
or by ftp from evolution.genetics.washington.edu.

Trees with accurately drawn branch lengths can be made from DRAWGRAM and
DRAWTREE, two of the programs in the package.

The package is free; Scanalytics is not supposed to sell it without
negotiating a royalty with us.  (They told me last year that they would not
distribute it directly but would tell users how to get it.  Presumably
your package predates that policy.)

It's not clear why you want to do UPGMA rather than other methods in the
package that are not as constrained by the assumption of a molecular clock.

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