Announcing BCM Search Launcher Updates

Randall Smith rsmith at dot.bcm.tmc.edu
Fri Jul 21 12:29:24 EST 1995

Announcing BCM Search Launcher Updates

The Human Genome Center, Baylor College of Medicine, is pleased to
announce new additions to the "BCM Search Launcher" Web page:


The BCM Search Launcher organizes and simplifies molecular
biology-related search and analysis services available on the WWW.  It
provides a single point-of-entry for related services, for example, a
single page for launching sequence searches using standard parameters.

New additions to these pages include the following:

1) NEW Gene Feature Search Page

  This page provides access to servers that can search nucleic acid
sequences for exons, introns, and open reading frames to determine the
protein coding potential of a DNA sequence (e.g., using GRAIL,

2) NEW Pairwise Alignment Page

  Allows one to align either DNA or Protein sequences, using either an
optimal global alignment or a local similarity search, or to calculate
the N-best local alignments between two sequences.

3) Addition to Protein Sequence/Pattern Search Page

  The page has been extended to include TBLASTN searches of dbEST
database of Expressed Sequence Tags (using the NCBI server).

4) Addition to the Nucleic Acid Sequence Searches Page

  This page has extended to include NCBI BLASTN searches of dbEST database 

5) Addition to the Multiple Sequence Alignments Page

  BlockMaker from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has been
added.  This server finds conserved blocks in a group of two or more
unaligned protein sequences.

Mary Wojczynski, Brent Wiese, Kim Worley, and Randall Smith
Human Genome Center
Department of Molecular and Human Genetics and
W.M. Keck Center for Computational Biology
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX  77030  USA

713-798-4735; FAX: 713-798-5386

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