Molscript for linux?

Dave Love d.love at dl.ac.uk
Thu Jul 20 06:14:14 EST 1995

>>>>> On 18 Jul 1995 18:13:27 GMT, martin at tutor.oc.chemie.th-darmstadt.de (Martin Kroeker) said:

 > There are some non-standard bit operations in the new render.f - i got it
 > to compile after recoding a .NOT. of a non-logical, and changing some .AND.

Bletch.  If it does that it won't generally work.

 > statements to IAND, for which i have a C replacement.

g77 has `iand' et al.  f2c uses `and', for instance, which you can
often arrange to translate via cpp (which is typically run on .F (not
.f) files).  (These things are meant to be intrinsics, and using
external C functions won't always win.)

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