Converting CHARM files

Matt Parker at332 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Tue Jul 18 10:33:50 EST 1995

	Hi! I have a coordinate file for a modeled protein structure, in
CHARM format. I can view it in RasMol, but I want to do some manipulations,
model some mutagenesis, etc. We have a program called HyperChem (from
HyperCube, Inc. Waterloo, Ontario), but this program will not read
CHARM files.

	Is there some easy way to convert a CHARM file into something like
a PDB format file? I suppose I COULD edit all 1000 lines, one at a time,
but I'd prefer not to! I have heard that there is a program called BABEL
which might be able to do what I need.

		Matthew Parker

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