Molscript for linux?

Uwe Baumert tiedtke at vnwz00.uni-muenster.de
Tue Jul 18 07:19:49 EST 1995

In article <3uejvj$3h0 at gwdu19.gwdg.de>, amuelle3 at gwdu19.gwdg.de (Arne
Mueller ) wrote:

> Hello,
> I ported Raster3d on my linux-system, but the f2c-converter doesn't compile
> the molscript code. So, if you have a linux-binary of molscript, please send
> me a mail where to get or send me the uuencoded binary via mail.
> thanks
>         Arne 

Raster3d is almost entirely written in fortran. Version 2.0 was no problem
to port to OS/2 using an os/2-binary of f2c. But with version2.1 the same
f2c and also g77 died. Any hints. P.S. i wasn't able to include tiff
support using an old version of libtiff (2.3 i suppose).


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