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Arne Elofsson Arne Elofsson arne at hodgkin.mbi.ucla.edu
Tue Jul 18 15:57:08 EST 1995

In article <3ugfch$g47 at phunn1.sb.com> tennant at AIL_MACHINE (Mike Tennant) writes:

> Hi all,
> 	I'm looking for a public domain profile searching prog, akin to the GCG
> profilesearch prog. Does anybody know if this exists, as I can't find anything
> like it in any of the software repositories.
> --
> Mike.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> Mike Tennant. phone: (610) 270 5229. FAX: (610) 270 6608.

I could send you mine if you want to.

It is still beeing developed (for my own use) but it can
do most things that you can do with profilescan,profilesearch
etc. (+ a lot of other things).

Besides I'd like some feedback.

It works on a dec-alpha at the moment, but I could not see
why it should not work on any unix computer with a fortran


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