have MOLSCRIPT and RASTER3D ever been ported to MS-WIN?? (is it possible)

Krzysztof Lewinski uclewins at cyf-kr.edu.pl
Mon Jul 17 13:50:40 EST 1995

xyzzyx (xyzzyx at aimnet.com) wrote:
: I was just curious if anyone has ever attempted to port these programs to the 
: MS-Windows environment.

: They'd probably run ridiculously slow, but a fast Pentium with a lot of 
: RAM (sans math bug) might perform at an acceptable rate.

: George

I have Molscript runing fine on PC with 8MB memory under DOS. Plots can 
be viewed using GhostScript (also under DOS) so there is no need to use 
Windows (or Linux) at all. On 486DX2/50 most plots takes less than 1 
minute to complete. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky with Raster3D.

Krzysztof Lewinski
Department of Crystal Chemistry and Crystal Physics
Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

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