Opinions on Jandel's Peak Fit?

Lou Reynaldo lpr103 at email.psu.edu
Sun Jul 16 11:16:51 EST 1995

>mh2s at watt.seas.Virginia.EDU (Mun-Wai Hon) wrote:
>>We are wondering whether or not to purchase Jandel's Peak Fit package. ...

I highly recommend the package and concurr with the comments of the previous 
posters.  We have used the package since it came out to fit Lorenztian-Gaussian
hybrid functions to Eu(III) luminescence spectra.  It is easy to use and enter
customized functions, such as ours.  The outputs are very acceptable but you can
always export the data to an ASCII, *.WKS, or *.SPG (SigmaPlot) formats.  My 
only gripe is that it is a DOS program and for best performance, you need to 
shutdown Windows and as any TSR's you have up an running.  Though it works 
admirably in OS/2 (DOS full screen mode) as well.  I have contacted Jandel to 
see if a Windogs port was in progress.  They assured me that they are working on
it.  However that was over two years ago.  Despite that gripe we found it to be
an invaluable program.

Lou Reynaldo

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