SeqApp saves things incorrectly (sometimes)

John Gosink gosink at u.washington.edu
Fri Jul 14 15:18:40 EST 1995

   I just saw Don Gilbert's announcement for the release of SeqPup 0.4,
but in the meantime I've been using SeqApp for multiple sequence
alignments, file format conversion, and contig assembly.

   For Freeware, SeqApp is phenomenal.  Unfortunately, from time to time
the program seems to choke when saving large alignments and ends up only
writing part of the alignment.  Thus for example, the other night I was
working away on a file of 15 sequences of 500 nt length saving the file
every 15 minutes (and of course when I was done).  Later, after quiting
the program, I noticed to my horror that the file I had been working with
was now 90% smaller than before I had started.  When I opened it up again
(with SeqApp) all that was left was the first 3 sequences and only a
fragment of the fourth sequence.  My questions are:

1) What is causing this problem?
2) Why does this seem to happen only intermitently? 
3) Has anybody else encountered this same problem?
4) Is there a way to prevent this problem?
5) Will SeqPup be free of this problem?

Thanks in advance.


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