SeqApp saves things incorrectly (sometimes)

Robert Rumpf rumpf.1 at osu.edu
Fri Jul 14 15:54:28 EST 1995

We also found a save problem with SeqApp.  Try doing this:

1.  Hilight a region within your sequences and do a Pretty Print on that region
2.  Save the file
3.  Open that file
4.  Notice that SeqApp only saved the region you had Pretty Printed
(regardless of whether you went back to select all, closed the PP box,
5.  Scream since you didn't have a backup of that particular file.

Luckily SeqPup doesn't have this problem - but unluckily it's because you
can't *do* a pretty print of selected regions of your alignment.  You can
choose which taxa to include in the pretty print, but not which bases. 
Oh, well.  Still, I thank Don Gilbert almost every day for putting out
this software, which can't be replaced without a serious investment in
commercial software (and even that doesn't have the functionality of 

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