have MOLSCRIPT and RASTER3D ever been ported to MS-WIN?? (is it possible)

xyzzyx xyzzyx at aimnet.com
Thu Jul 13 23:41:26 EST 1995

I was just curious if anyone has ever attempted to port these programs to the 
MS-Windows environment.

They'd probably run ridiculously slow, but a fast Pentium with a lot of 
RAM (sans math bug) might perform at an acceptable rate.

I don't have access to a "real" computer at the moment, just my lowly Pentium 
box.  My present employer likes to keep us somewhere between the stone and 
bronze ages, but these programs would be very useful to us.

If I could figure out how to unpack the source code, I might give it a crack 
myself (those pesky tar.z files), but this might take aeons, because I'm not 
that adept of a programmer.


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