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Dag Stenberg stenberg at cc.Helsinki.FI
Fri Jul 14 07:59:05 EST 1995

Edgardo A. Martorell (emartore at students.wisc.edu) wrote:
} I am looking for an animated physiology software or cd-rom that can be used 
} in teaching an intermediate college level physiology course.  I am looking 
} for animated graphics of the nerve impulse conduction resting and action 
} potential, feedback control loops, muscle contraction, homeostasis, 
} endocrinology, blood glucose regulation, etc.  It can be a general or 
} specific software.  Please let me know of any available softwares of this 
} kind being used in other educational institutions or available 
} comercially. 

I recently got a demo diskette from tjt at neoucom.edu (Didactic Systems),
featuring "Animated Physiology" and "Graphic Brain". These seem quite
useful, are available for DOS, Windows and Mac, and I am currently
debating with myself whether to order the $100 single user licences or
the $350 5-site licenses for use in my department.

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