Computerised anatomy model

Eli Meir meir at zoology.washington.edu
Wed Jul 12 19:37:25 EST 1995

I have a CD called Visual Man, which gives you an interface to images
of some guy who got cut into 1800 slices and photographed.  It runs
under Windows, I don't know how much it costs, but the phone number is

The images are not super clear, in my opinion, but that could have been
partly the monitor I was using and I will try it somewhere else before
passing final judgement.

If you are interested in other educational software, take a look at my
Biology Education Software FAQ, available by anonymous ftp from
ftp.zoology.washington.edu,   /pub/doc

Eli Meir
Dept of Zoology, Univ of Washington
meir at zoology.washington.edu

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