BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at net.bio.net
Wed Jul 12 22:14:51 EST 1995

It looks like we are finally back to normal operations at the U.S.
BIOSCI node at net.bio.net (except that we need to add back one more
CPU board).  The supposed hardware problem appears to have actually
been an operating system kernel bug which was set off by a software
upgrade, but this took a while to uncover.  We are hoping to get a
patch for the problem, but this need not dramatically affect operations
from here on.

The new Internet connection is also working reliably and our new IP
address,, is recognized by most sites by now.

I also received my new desktop computer system and got it configured
today (which means that BIOSCI mail is backlogged again since I wasn't
able to log in due to all the usual computer/software/network
installation futzing, of course).

I will also be getting a person to assist with BIOSCI tech support
here at my new location soon, and will be announcing details when they
are finalized.  I am happy to say that Dave Mack will continue to be
the BIOSCI systems administrator.

In summary, I expect that tomorrow finally (but this statement, of
course, will be the kiss of death 8-) I will be able to come in and
take care of business as usual for the first time in about a month

During the transition period, I have kept several newsgroup proposals
on hold.  I didn't want to open any new votes until I was sure the
system was stable.  There is also a large batch of journal tables of
contents waiting to go out and several weeks of address database
updates that will be processed.

I appreciate the patience with which all of you have greeted this move
of the project.  I'm glad to say that everyone has been very
understanding, i.e., not a single ruffled feather has been observed in
our e-mail to date.  It will be great to finally stop spending all of
my time trying to ensure the project's survival and get back to the
more productive work of expanding our services.  Stay tuned for new


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

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