RNA energy tables

Robert H. Gross Bob.Gross at Dartmouth.EDU
Mon Jul 10 19:33:42 EST 1995

Hi folks-

I am interested in obtaining energy tables for use in RNA folding
(including stacking energies). Could some kind soul point me to a
location on Internet for downloading this information.

Also, I would like to obtain a number of "folded" RNA structures. I am
interested in the raw data, not the final display of the RNA secondary
structure. In other words, I'd like the information of which base is
paired to which other base instead of a graphic image. It seems like
this information must be available, but I have not been able to access
it at any of the standard RNA sites on WWW. Maybe I just don't know how
to get at it. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Bob Gross
Dept. of Biology, Dartmouth College
bob.gross at dartmouth.edu

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