Metal Search program avail. (zinc site design)

Neil Clarke Neil.Clarke at qmail.bs.jhu.edu
Mon Jul 10 15:41:52 EST 1995

Metal Search v1.0 is available by anonymous ftp from cthulu.med.jhu.edu. 
It is in pub/MetalSearch.  The file called MetalSearch_v1.0.tar is a tar
file that contains the source code, a readme file, etc.  The program
searches the backbone coordinates of a protein structure to find sets of
four residues that can be replaced by Cys or His, as appropriate, to form
a potential tetrahedral zinc binding site.  The program has been
successfully used to design such sites in two proteins (Regan and Clarke.
(1990). A tetrahedral Zn(II)-binding site introduced into a designed
protein. Biochemistry 29, 10878-10883;  Klemba,et al  (1995) Novel
metal-binding proteins by design.  Nature: Structural Biology 2 368-373).
A detailed description of the program is forthcoming in Proteins. (Clarke
and Yuan. (1995) Metal Search: A computer program that helps design
tetrahedral metal binding sites.  Proteins in press).

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