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Tim Cutts Zoology tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jul 10 05:14:44 EST 1995

Andreas.Brune at uni-konstanz.de (Andreas Brune) writes:

>In article <3tlh0e$ks4 at metro.ucc.su.OZ.AU>,
>   sfletche at extro.ucc.su.OZ.AU (Stephen Fletcher) wrote:

>>I checked
>>out Tim Cutts Refs, and found the windows too
>>small to read anything in, I like to be able to
>>see a decent amount to read on the screen, and
>>Refs windows are not sizeable.

>Apparently you didn't check properly? ALL windows in Refs are 
>sizeable by standard windows controls.
>Please be more careful to do justice to the author before you post an 
>evaluation of a (shareware) program. Many others might base their 
>decision on your criticism.

Thanks, Andreas.  :-)

>I'm using Refs since it's 'early days', and a lot of functionality has 
>been added since then, always without additional charge to registered 
>users. Again, a new version is in the make, and it is supposed to be 
>completely rewritten to run also under OS/2 and Windows95/NT (visit 
>Tim's home page at "http://cyclin.zoo.cam.ac.uk/refs/refs.html"for 

This is not quite true.  I am currently preparing Refs such that ports
to Windows 95 and/or NT and/or OS/2 will be much easier to do.  That
isn't to say that I've started on the ports!!!  There will be at least
one more purely Win16 version before I start on any 32 bit version.



PS... sorry for the post about my own software, but I just wanted to
set the record straight slightly.  

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