RNAdraw 1.0

Ole Matzura ole at mango.mef.ki.se
Fri Jul 7 03:42:02 EST 1995

Hi there!

Finally, RNAdraw version 1.0 is available. New features since V1.0beta 
are: - Win32s update, new version is 1.25
     - Global base font
     - Really small (but important) cleanups
     - new WWW address: http://mango.mef.ki.se/~ole/rnadraw/rnadraw.html

The ftp address is still at broccoli.mfn.ki.se in the pub/rnadraw directory.

Those of you not familiar with RNAdraw please get lots of info on this 
RNA secondary-structure/basepair-probability-matrix prediction/analysis 
program for Windows 3.1-3.11/95/NT at the above mentioned WWW site. 
Since RNAdraw is freeware and available at the above WWW/ftp sites, 
don't hesitate; try it out!

Ole Matzura

Ole Matzura                              ole at mango.mef.ki.se
Dept. of Medical Physics                 
Karolinska Inst. 
Stockholm, Sweden                           FAX:+46-8-326505

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