ACNUC-type program in C?

Brian Osborne bosborne at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Fri Jul 7 11:40:11 EST 1995

>>> Subject: Database search program?
>>> Date: 6 Jul 1995 06:57:24 GMT
>>> I am looking for a program that will go through the yeast gene database and
>>> retrieve this information:
>>>         1.      The Name of every sequenced gene.
>>>         2.      The base at the start of the translation.
>>>         3.      The first 10 bases before the start of the translated
>>>         4.      The first 12 bases after the start of the translated region.
>>>         5.      Calculate the frequency of each of the four bases at each
>>>                 position.
>Jacob -
>Here's an approximate answer to your 5th question.

>Ken Wolfe
>University of Dublin

.... Insert superb answer here! ........

To the Group,

I am looking for a program like ACNUC, used by Ken Wolfe in his
answer above. The reason it can't be ACNUC itself is that I don't
have a Fortran compiler, I don't know Fortran, and I doubt that I
can find an executable because I'm working on a NeXT (!).

My question : does anyone know of database-querying software like
ACNUC that I can compile using gcc on my computer?

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

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