Q: RasMol pictures (cytochrome) in TIBS 20, p. 217 - HOW?

C. R. Bartke bartke at hrz-ws41.hrz.uni-kassel.de
Tue Jul 4 11:01:58 EST 1995

Hello there!

After reading the article "Cytochrome f revealed" (Prince, GR and George, GN)
in TIBS 20, pages 217 f., I tried (as an exercise) to visualise the cytochromes
given in Fig. 1 exactly the same way as they did it. I used RasMol 2.5 (Unix).
It worked fine except for the fact that I was not able to get the "connections"
between the two amino acids and the Fe-ion and the Heme-Group respectively.

Is there any way in RasMol (or RasWin) to make use of the CONECT-field in the
PDB-File (e.g. 1CYO)? The ATOMNOs of the involved atoms do show up in these
fields, but have found no way to use that info.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for consideration,

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