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>>Bibliographic software is what I am looking for to store
>>references to journal articles etc.
>>Anybody knows a pointer?
>>I'd be very glad to receive some suggestions.
>>Arie Veltman

>Two pointers came back on my request for bibliographic software:

>Try Refs by Tim Cutts.
>Easy-to-use, Unix-Refer-Style files (ascii).
>Great shareware.

>I use Reference Manager for Windows, and like it very much.  It has
>many export filters to automatically format your levenswerk for the
>journal of your choice, without destroying your original masterpiece.
>Contact Research information systems at risinfo at ris.risinc.com

>If anyone has more, please let us know.

Also try Papyrus 7.0.  I use it to paste references into my 
document, then have Papyrus scan the document and generate a 
reference list according to the journal style that you want.
I particularly like the data entry of Papyrus.

Email Dave Goldman at  rsd at teleport.com for more details.

Papyrus (still) costs US$99 for the full package (no additional
modules needed).


Andrew McLachlan   mclachla at tui.lincoln.ac.nz

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