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Tim Cutts Zoology tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jul 4 02:21:36 EST 1995

veltman at ecn.nl (veltman) writes:

>In article <3t11ec$ka3 at ecnits.ecn.nl>, veltman at ecn.nl (veltman) says:
>>Hello everyone,
>>Bibliographic software is what I am looking for to store
>>references to journal articles etc.
>>Anybody knows a pointer?
>>I'd be very glad to receive some suggestions.
>>Arie Veltman

>Two pointers came back on my request for bibliographic software:

>Try Refs by Tim Cutts.
>Easy-to-use, Unix-Refer-Style files (ascii).
>Great shareware.


If anyone is trying to download Refs (I am the author) my apologies
for the erratic availability of the server.  cyclin is the machine
Refs is developed on, and I can't develop and run an ftp server
simultaneously (the ftp server runs under Linux, and I develop under
OS/2).  I am doing a *lot* of Refs work at the moment, preparing it
for a port to Windows 95 and/or OS/2 as soon as is practically



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