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veltman veltman at ecn.nl
Mon Jul 3 06:19:31 EST 1995

In article <3t11ec$ka3 at ecnits.ecn.nl>, veltman at ecn.nl (veltman) says:
>Hello everyone,
>Bibliographic software is what I am looking for to store
>references to journal articles etc.
>Anybody knows a pointer?
>I'd be very glad to receive some suggestions.
>Arie Veltman

Two pointers came back on my request for bibliographic software:

Try Refs by Tim Cutts.
Easy-to-use, Unix-Refer-Style files (ascii).
Great shareware.

I use Reference Manager for Windows, and like it very much.  It has
many export filters to automatically format your levenswerk for the
journal of your choice, without destroying your original masterpiece.
Contact Research information systems at risinfo at ris.risinc.com

If anyone has more, please let us know.

Arie Veltman

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