ncbi server at nih.gov down?

Dennis Benson dab at ray.nlm.nih.gov
Sat Jul 1 10:44:58 EST 1995

NCBI's servers are all up.  The problem appears limited to some transatlantic
connections that travel by way of SPRINT, a commercial Internet provider.
We have been providing 'traceroute' information to our Internet provider
(SURANET) and they are working with SPRINT to isolate the problem.

Dennis Benson

a337ard at horus.sara.nl wrote:
> Message-ID: <not available-300695100106 at pubmac04.amc.uva.nl>
> Organization: acad. med. centr. Amsterdam

> Can anyone confirm the status of the ncbi.nlm.nih.gov server? As far as we
> can determine, this computer is out of service for over three days. Is this
> true, and if so, what programs/computers can be used instead at the moment?

> It can also be a networking problem, but as our connection with the outside
> world does seem to work (as this message proves), this possibility seems
> less likely.

> a337ard at horus.sara.nl
> a337hoff at horus.sara.nl

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