FTP site for APM, SLINK, and other programs

Daniel E. Weeks dweeks at watson.hgen.pitt.edu
Tue Jan 31 15:10:04 EST 1995

It seems that many people are unaware that there is an anonymous ftp site for
several of programs I have helped develop, including the programs for the
Affected-Pedigree-Member (APM) method of linkage analysis, the SLINK and
FASTSLINK simulation programs, and others.  The site is:

   Brief description of files available on watson.hgen.pitt.edu

newapm.readme    : Readme about the new version of the APM programs
newapm.tar.Z     : New version of the APM programs (Unix, VMS)

newdosapm.readme : Readme about the DOS version of the new APM programs
newdosapm.zip    : DOS version of the new APM programs

xlinkapm.readm   : Readme about the X-linked version of the APM programs
xlinkapm.tar.Z   : X-linked version of the APM programs (single-marker)

slink.tar.Z      : SLINK simulation program (original version)
                   Weeks DE, Ott J, Lathrop GM (1990) Am J Hum Genet 47:A204
fastslink.tar.Z  : Fast version of SLINK 
                   SLINK as modified by Alejandro Schaffer and Daniel Weeks 
                   to use the algorithms in FASTLINK v. 1, cf. Cottingham Jr
                   RW, Idury RM, Schaffer AA, Am J Hum Gen 53(1993), 252-263.

cintmax.tar.Z    : Linkage analysis under mapping functions

simapm.tar.Z     : SLINK-based simulation program for APM method
                   (Unstable Unix-hack -- use at own risk)

pedprep.tar.Z    :  Program for converting a MENDEL-format pedigree
		    file ('pedm.dat') to a Pedigree/Draw file for
		    graphical display on a Macintosh.

linkmend.tar.Z   : Program for converting LINKAGE-format files
		   to MENDEL-format files.

sim.tar          : SIMLINK-based simulation program for APM method
                   (Since this requires a modified version of
		    SIMLINK, this is not available to the general
		    public without prior permission).

apm.tar.Z        : Old version of the APM programs (obsolete)

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me. 

-- Dan Weeks --
 dan.weeks at well.ox.ac.uk 
 dweeks at watson.hgen.pitt.edu  

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