TopPred II. A new release

Manuel G. CLAROS claros at biologie.ens.fr
Sun Jan 29 14:46:08 EST 1995

TopPred II 1.1 (January 1995)

A new release of the TopPred II sofware is now available from the EMBL
server (ftp.ebi.ac.uk) and will be soon available in the SUMEX server

application      TopPred II 1.1
authors          Claros M.G and von Heijne G.
description      Prediction of transmembrane segments in integral
                   membrane proteins, and the putative topologies
literature       CABIOS 10(6), 685-686 (1994)

NOTE             A postcript file containing the orignal paper about this
                   software can be found with the programs. It could be
                   printed out with the LaserWriter Utility accompanying
                   the apple printers, or the old Print PS application.

TopPred II is now available in two different versions:

  - "TopPredII 1.1" which is "compatible" with any kind of macintosh
  - "TopPredII 1.1 FPU" which is a "rapid" version of TopPred. This one
  needs a macintosh with a 68020 processor or later, containing an FPU.
  This version is significatively faster making profiles and
  constructing protein topologies (in several cases up to 6-fold 

Modifications from TopPred II 1.0:

  o "Open" has been substituted by "Load" in menus
  o Minor modifications have been operated in displaying results 
    on screen.
  o FOS is no longer a TEXT file.
  o Previous versions hung when one searched for protein topologies
    without any transmembrane domain. This is fixed now.
  o Problems reading some sequence files have been fixed.
  o G. von Heijne address and the reference to the article about
    TopPred II have been updated in the on-line help.
  o Finally, some other minor details have been fixed, and several 
    routines accelerated.

Bugs not fixed:

  o Problems concerning the scroll bar of the text result
    window: it is only active when the graphic window is hidden.
  o When the Edit menu changes, keyboard equivalents do not work untill
    you open for the first time this menu in the new configuration.
  o When a TEXT file is moved on the TopPred icon, it opens but
    displays a lot of error messages since TopPred thinks that it is
    a FOS and not a sequence.
Make me know any suggestions.

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