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> I am looking for a cladistic analysis program entitled CLADOS (sounds
like).  I
> t is a DOS based program that performs similar tree builidng and
character anal
> ysis as MacClade for the MAC. Does anyone have information about
obtaining this
>  program.

CLADOS runs on PC:s and was written by Kevin Nixon at the L.H. Bailey
Hortorium, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA. The program is basically a
tree manipulating program and does not have so many different features as
MacClade. Last summer Kevin said that he would include several new
features in his different programs (he has also written DADA wich is a
dataeditor but also a masterprogram wich you can run Hennig86, CLADOS,
PeeWee and NONA from). I don't know what possible new features there are
in CLADOS but I guess you should ask Kevin Nixon himself. Last time I
heard CLADOS costed $55 and could be ordered from Kevin Nixon at the above

Niklas Wikstrom
Dept. of Botany
Stockholm University
e-mail: wikstrom at botan.su.se

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