MatLab's SimuLink vs others [?]

Dr. Paul Furbacher pf at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Wed Jan 25 17:26:53 EST 1995

We have developed a rather large model in Stella2.
Due to its slowness (besides other drawbacks), we
are looking for alternative simulation packages 
on the Mac.  One which has come to our attention
is MatLab's SimuLink.  The brochure points out how
powerful it is, but doesn't say much about its 
execution speed.  

Our alternatives for continuing the development of 
the model are (1) write it in C, or (2) switch to a 
better modelling environment.  

Any comments regarding the speed (i.e., execution of 
one's model, not the coding of it) of SimuLink vs.
hand-coded routines would be appreciated.  We've
heard enough negative stuff the original choice of 
Stella2, so we'd appreciate responses which avoid 
castigation of the latter and concentrate on the 
virtues of either of the two former alternatives.

Thanks in advance.  You may either e-mail me directly,
or respond to this group if you think others would
benefit from your comments.

Paul Furbacher

..Dr. Paul Furbacher
..Dept. of Biological Sciences
..Purdue University
..pf at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu

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