Free MolBio Software, ii

Benny Shomer bshomer at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jan 25 06:27:43 EST 1995

Dear Aaron,

You are probably aware of the fact that the EBI maintains the largest
repository of software for biology and molecular biology. Our programs
are available to the users community through ftp, WWW and gopher servers.

We would be very interested to have your program as well, in order to
make it available for the users community in the best way possible.

The program will also enter the bio-catalogue program that is available
on the EBI, and is searchable through our WWW server.

If you can put the program in an ftp area of any of your systems, and
let me know of the IP address and the login procedures it will be

If not - if you know how to UUencode, you can uuencode the zipped
program and send it by email. Most unix and VMS system have uuencode.
Just call: uuencode filename filename_in_encoded_version>filename.uue
and then mail the file to me.

If non of the above applies, please send me mail, and I will send you
details on how to operate further.

Best wishes, and please, please - write a good documentation. It is
sometimes (if not allways) more important than the program itself.

Warm regards,

Benny Shomer.

Benny Shomer
External Biological Liasion Officer,
EMBL outstation - The EBI,
Hinxton Hall, Hinxton,Cambridge CB10 1RQ, UK

Tel:   +44-223-494437
Fax:   +44-223-494468
Email: bshomer at EBI.ac.uk


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