MapMaker 3.0 question (more memory?)

Brian Osborne bosborne at NATURE.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Jan 23 21:26:59 EST 1995

To the Group,

We're using MapMaker 3.0 on a Sparc 10. It prepares and handles small
data sets containing about 100 markers well. But, we just gave it
*.raw file with 1299 markers. It prepared the data without a problem.
Then, we issue "seq all". It thinks, then says "error in sequence:
sequence too long", and we cannot continue as it insists that there
is no sequence when we issue further commands. Is this a familiar
problem? Do we need more memory? We know that there can't be an
absolute limit to the # of markers as the datasets for the mouse
genome are _far_ larger. Does anyone have MapMaker 3.0 compiled
for Sparc which can work on this much data?

Thanks very much for your attention to this matter,

Brian Osborne

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Albany, CA  USA 94710
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