HyperChem V2 Help with color printing

Shawn Elliot Switenky switenky at duke.usask.ca
Tue Jan 24 11:27:31 EST 1995

I'm having problems getting HyperChem Version 2 working with a color printer.

They have a 486 8 Meg machine running Windows and HyperChem.  They would 
like to print using their HP DeskJet 560C printer.  The HP printer driver 
is installed, and HyperChem is using it.

The problem involves color output.  I cannot make the output in color no
matter what I do.  I can make the printer print in color from other
applications.  I can cut a image of the HyperChem window, paste it into
another application and print it in color that way.  Of course, cut and
paste restricts the image to screen resolution, and the printer can
provide much higher resolution in black&white from HyperChem.  But I can't
get HyperChem to print in color on this printer. 

If anyone knows how to print in color using HyperChem, please let me 
know.  If HyperChem cannot print in color, I'd like to know that as 

Thanks for your help!

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