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lab lab at crtvax
Mon Jan 23 12:17:24 EST 1995

In article <3fp9ca$78k at netnews.upenn.edu>, aaron at netnews.upenn.edu 
>Just throwing out a question/offer on a program I have written.  Want to
>see if anybody would actually be interested in me making in available
>to the general public.
>So far the program has the following features:
>It's Windows 3.1 based and easy to use
>Performs restriction site analysis, dinucleotide frequencies, and
>        open reading frame analysis used Kozak sequences
>I am currently adding a nice graphical plasmid restriction map feature
>as well as protein translation/analysis features.
>If enough (at least 2!) people are interested I'll write some 
>and place the files on an ftp site or two.
>Also, if I do make the program available I will be open to suggestions 
>on modifacations and features and will try to address any bugs and/or
>problems with use as soon as possible.
>                        -- Aaron

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!


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