Help me on RNA folding program

Ji Hoon Ahn genetech at cd4680.snu.ac.kr
Wed Jan 18 21:30:47 EST 1995

Hi everyone

I need a help on using programs of RNA folding.
I recently received Mulfold(Mac version) from ftp.bio.indiana.edu.
But I could not run my sequence on Mulfold.
I have to run above 8000 bases, but Mulfold said to me "Segment larger 
than 300. STOP". On the user documentation file, Mac Mulfold's limitation
is shown to be 4000 bases. 

1) How can I run my sequence on Mulfold? If sequence limitation is 4000
bases, I could divide my sequence into 2 x 4000 bases.

2) Is there any other RNA folding program that handles big sequences 
(namely, several thousand bases)?

If anyone knows this problem, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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