How to handle Multiple Alignment Formats, etc, etc, etc...

Georg Fuellen fuellen at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Fri Jan 20 09:07:55 EST 1995

Dear Netters,

I'm posting this for a biology professor at Bielefeld. Dr. Waegele would
appreciate your help very much; I will forward your advice to him.

The main problem is keeping track of DNA Alignments of various sequences in
various Alignment output formats. He deals with formats used by Clustal(PIR),
PAUP(Nexus), ESEE, MEGA, Phylip, and Genbank. Unfortunately, sometimes the
accession numbers and references are no longer part of the output files
containing the aligned sequences :-/

Rather than developing his own sequence handling software, he would
like to know whether folks have already developed programs for their
own similar needs. His hardware is a PC w/ MS-Dos/Windows, 66 MHz, 8 Mbyte
RAM, 250 Mbyte harddisc, and a "Performa 400" MAC, 15.667 MHz,
10 Mbyte RAM, 100 Mbyte harddisc.  Right now, only the PC is on the network.

Of course, the optimal solution would also integrate well with the Postscript 
printer (Epson LQ 570/850), the Reference Manager (Allegro), the word
processor (MS Word), future software packages, and have a direct interface to 
WWW-offerings...  But hey, you can't have everything :-)

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